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Looking for ways to cut costs without cutting your dream day?!

Try this Non-Traditional Idea!

Alcohol is a huge cost, that is a fact we can not deny. But having a cash bar to recoup costs isn’t always as ideal as it may seem, especially at an outdoor or rural venue. Without an ATM guests must remember to bring the cash for the bar and if they do not they must beg and borrow from other family members and friends to enjoy a beverage. There are mobile tap options but they come at a cost as well.

So how can you still have an open bar while still being cost sazzy?

Consider having a Boozy Bridal Shower!

Many of us in this modern age already live on our own and have a full home of furnishings and appliances. Some couples are even combining 2 homes worth and are selling more items off then what we could ever imagine putting on a registry. So instead off getting a new toaster why not put your Alcohol list on your registry?

It would end up looking something like this:

1 Case - Pinot Noir x6

1 - 26oz Bottle - Captain Morgan x3

2 - 24 packs - Molson Canadian x 4

Make sure to be clear the size of bottles you want! You will probably end up with a couple comically large bottles that you’ll be drinking for years to come. These bottles will no doubt bring back great memories, but they are not ideal for serving at your bar as they are difficult to hold, don’t fit in the speed rack and premeasured jiggers do not fit in the larger bottles.

Great Aunt Sue probably won’t understand this new registry and will still knit you a pot holder, BUT your younger generation friends will be singing Hallelujah as this is MUCH easier for them then trying to find for you then perfect toaster!

Would you have a Boozy Bridal Shower?!

Check out this Shitz Creek themed party!

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