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Alberta Wedding Venue Guide

Welcome to The Bottled Bronco's very own guide of Alberta's Best Wedding Venues! We have sent out forms, collected the data, and now present you with a growing list of Alberta's best venues and ALL that they offer! 

This list is not complete and will be updated as we receive  forms back from venues.  But I hope you find the information provided helpful on your hunt for the perfect venue, answering your questions and saving you time!

How It Works

The image below is a demo showing what information you will find on our guide.

Please click the [Full Spreadsheet] link below for a pop up of the complete list.

Unfortunately I am not a web designer and am still looking for the most functional way to display this information, forgive me.

What It Means

The list of services are things that The Venue is capable of offering!

This does NOT mean that ALL these services are included in the Starting Price Point. 

Wedding Venues customize their services to cater to a WIDE variety of wants and needs from their clients & it is therefore impossible to list the thousands of different service combinations with pricing. But what they CAN do is give you a starting price point for their services as a point of reference! That is what you will find below!

Services Explained

Although the venue listed may be closer to another town, we have listed how far they are from the 3 major centers in Alberta:
Red Deer &
This is to help you narrow down your venue search geographically.

Alberta Wedding Venue Guide

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Venue Map

Own a Venue? Not on our list?


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