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Every Event Is Different


You know your friends and family best so if they are huge Whiskey drinkers, add a bottle of whiskey and take one away from your rum count. But on average this will result in 25% more alcohol then what you need, ensuring you don't run out of any one product. Make sure your liqour store accepts returns before purchasing and ask for a discount on a large order. Liquor store discounts will save you more then shopping at Costco!

Alcohol & Mix

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alcohol calculator

Interactive + Customizable

Our NEW interactive Alcohol Calculator lets you input your details and spits out the exact numbers you need!

No Math!  No Hassle! And not just alcohol either, it calculates consumables & bar tools too. Get your shopping list immediately with exactly how much of EVERYTHING you need based on your specific event details.

We've made it sooooo easy!

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