Proposal Planning


   We can take your lead or take your hand to help plan one of the most memorable moments of your life.

   If you have a great idea, no idea, or just need some outside assistance cause your partner could take on the FBI with her investigating (aka snooping) skills. We understand and are thrilled to help plan the big ask!

   From private picnics to grand aerial gestures we have the connections to make your dreams and more importantly your soon to be fiances dreams come true! 

   Firstly and most importantly, if your partner is a snooper extraordinaire, I highly recommend you creating a new email, this will prevent them from stumbling upon anything they shouldn't.

   Second, when waiting for a response from us, don't forget to check your junk mail! It is ideal to leave us your phone number WITH work hours to contact you when & where your partner will not be present. If hours are not left we will NOT call you.

Alternatively you can always call us at 5878881058 (if leaving a msg tell us what time to call)

From there our resident event planner will get to work planning your personal version of #TheBestDayEver